Patient Awareness Programs:

The MTA is committed to raising consumer awareness and providing patients with global choices for their healthcare needs. With millions of patients traveling internationally and regional for healthcare every year, creating a sustainable industry is more important than ever.  

Some of our healthcare consumer awareness programs are:  

  • - The leading website for Medical Tourism. The website is currently available in over 30 languages
  • Medical Tourism Destination Guides
  • Advocating for Transparency in Pricing and Quality
  • Hospital & Healthcare Provider Programs and Initiatives  
  • Recommendations for Consumer Decision Guidelines

Our Healthcare and Hospital Programs & Initiatives 

  • Formal Training & Certification Programs
  • Hospital Destination Guides
  • Branding Development
  • Development Roadmaps
  • Medical Tourism Management
  • Feasibility Studies and Market Reports
  • Patient Referrals and Leads   

For More Information on our Healthcare Consumer Awareness Programs Please Contact Us at  or Call US 561.791.2000

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