MTA Educational Curriculum Collaborations

The Medical Tourism Association® (MTA) provides customized programs and packaged services to educational institutions as an organization may consider new course offerings, expanded educational opportunities and/or adjust to the needs of its students as they enter their individual profession.

The MTA specifically offers customized programs and cross-training programs for educational institutions in the following academic paths:

  • Medicine/Healthcare
  • Tourism/Hospitality
  • Wellness
  • Business

Customized programs can be short programs or re-occurring programs delivered on-site or via webcast. The MTA has multiple partners that can also provide expertise in concentrated topics that vary in importance to different educational institutions around the world. Such topics can include: Physician leadership, Quality Improvement, Patient Safety, Cultural Competence and the Patient Experience.

The MTA offers packaged services to educational organizations related to MTA certification programs, specifically the following programs:

  • Global Healthcare Accreditation
  • Medical Tourism Hospitality
  • Wellness Tourism Hospitality
  • Patient Experience & Engagement
  • Physician Engagement & Leadership
  • Healthcare Reform (USA)

The MTA works with academic leaders to customize material to fit the needs of their students and the institution. Various countries prioritize these topics based on their economic needs as well as educational needs; thus, the MTA aims to provide resources in a flexible format and to enhance the overall quality of education a student receives.