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Medical Tourism Index 2016-2017 Report

The Medical Tourism Index (MTI) is a global metric and a new type of destination-based performance measure of the attractiveness of a destination as a medical tourist destination. The MTI considers 34 criteria and groups them into three dimensions in terms of overall destination environment, medical tourism industry, and quality of facilities and services. Marc Fetscherin and Renée-Marie Stephano, in partnership with the International Healthcare Research Center, developed the Medical Tourism Index (MTI), including its scale and validation, as a go-to resource that explains how to measure and manage the medical tourism destination “brand positioning” for each region. The first MTI was released in 2014 as the first of its kind and was published in Tourism Management Journal, a peer reviewed, academic publication . Since that time, the number of destinations promoting themselves in the medical tourism sphere has grown incrementally with the industry estimated at USD $100 billion

Medical Tourism Index 2016-2017 Report (2015 Report Included) QTY: $ 2500.00