Quality of Care Project

The Medical Tourism Association® has launched a Quality of Care Project which will focus on creating transparency in the Quality of Care around the world and change global healthcare. Currently patients, insurance companies and employers from around the world cannot compare or assess a hospital's quality of care, because each hospital uses a different “methodology” in how they collect and report hospital statistics and quality indicators. The Quality of Care Project, or Quality Indicator Project, will work with hospitals and governments around the world to identify a “single methodology” for reporting. This project will allow, for the first time ever, patients, employers and insurance companies around the world to be able to compare the top international hospitals' quality of care. The information gathered from the Quality of Care Project will be posted on the Medical Tourism Association®'s website, which allows people to view the quality of care of international hospitals online in one place. This project was launched as a part of the Medical Tourism Association®’s mission to provide “transparency” as to quality of care data in Medical Tourism and Global Health Care throughout the world.

Part of the research from this Medical Tourism Association® project will also allow patients to obtain online through the Medical Tourism Association® website:

  • Quality
  • Costs
  • Patient volumes
  • Patient safety

Any international hospital or government wishing to participate in the Quality of Care Project or anyone inquiring about it can contact the association at: info@MedicalTourismAssociation.com