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Medical Tourism Association Membership

The Medical Tourism Association® is a diverse international organization dedicated to the life cycle of healthcare and travel projects from inception to delivery. From the review of benchmarked results to the development of improvement mechanisms developed through proven customer experience techniques and measured outcomes, the Medical Tourism Association® is the dedicated partner for businesses seeking to establish a greater global presence in the healthcare, wellness and tourism industries. We represent hospitals, medical tourism companies, and healthcare companies and providers from Asia, Middle East, South East Asia, Europe, US, UK, Canada and Latin America. We are the voice of the Medical Tourism Industry throughout the world.

Individual QTY: $ 1500.00
Government QTY: $ 3000.00
Corporate QTY: $ 4000.00
Corporate Gold QTY: $ 5500.00
Corporate Elite QTY: $ 15000.00
Buyers QTY: $ 1500.00
Buyers Gold QTY: $ 5500.00