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Vernal, a medical tourism company charged with finding effective treatments in Europe and Asia, is proud to be an official member of the Medical Tourism Association®, the most authoritative voice in health travel today. As a facilitator the past year for some 2,755 patients with a variety of health problems, membership provides us with an extended platform to communicate and share experiences with industry leaders that lead toward new diagnoses and procedures for patients from the Commonwealth of Independent States including Russia and Kazakhstan. 





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Moscow, Vladivostok, Almaty
Russia & Kazahstan

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Country : Russia
Phone : +7 (423) 246-46-00
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I would like to thank you for the MTA Facilitator Start-Up Kit. We have been using these documents contained in this kit to guide ourselves in this process of starting up our business, it is truly invaluable. It's a must have for any facilitator in the medical tourism industry. Thank you very much!!!


CR Doctors
Medical Tourism Facilitator Member
[email protected]

March 3, 2014



The MTA Facilitator Start-Up Kit for me is informative plus valuable from a guidance and reference point of view. Thank you so much !

The scripts are extremely useful and please provide regular supportive material so to avoid new starters making serious/embarrassing errors.

I requested this kit during the congress had it been available straight after the congress then I wouldn't have contacted a experienced hospital for guidance it was embarrassing and could've been avoided.

What ever you can offer me to help me start and grow this business will be gladly appreciated.


Global Medical Treatments Ltd
Medical Facilitator Member
Certified Medical Tourism Professional

December 13, 2013


Since medical tourism is a relatively new industry, there are few resources available to new start-up companies. Thankfully, the Medical Tourism Association (MTA) has been paving the way for medical tourism and medical tourism companies for years and they are the leaders in promoting medical tourism on a global scale. The Membership Coordination and Marketing Department is an invaluable resource for members. Being a member of the Medical Tourism Association has afforded my company opportunities that would simply have not come my way if I had not been an active member of the MTA. I am looking forward to making new connections and encountering more opportunities at the World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Conference in Vegas this November! 

Julie Conner
Certified Medical Tourism Specialist
GLOBAL Medical Tourism Facilitators, CEO

August 10, 2013


It's very important to have professionals you can turn to and receive reliable and quality information; and Medical Tourism Association™ offers just that. Medical Tourism industry is highly organised and educational thanks to MTA. Their staff is always ready to help, which is very important especially when you are new in business. I really appreciate their engagement and effort to find solutions. Another benefit from membership is the networking opportunity and connecting with people who all have the same goal - educating people about medical service options and helping them find the treatment that can make their lives better. The knowledge MTA to us is priceless.

Tina Kranjec
Medical Tourism DMC

August 6, 2013 


The Medical Tourism Association has provided IHT World a strong networking partnership, as well as powerful tools for business success. The benefits of membership are plentiful and the people in this organization are always happy to provide assistance. I highly recommend anyone who works in the medical tourism industry to become a member of this association. This demonstrates to your clients that you are striving to provide them with the best possible services.

Pam Brammann, R.N.

President & Managing Director
IHT World, LLC



"The Medical Tourism Association is a critical link to success in the medical tourism industry. In today's business world, strong partnerships are the deciding factor, separating success from failure. The MTA connects progressive players in the medical tourism industry with the resources, tools and partnerships to drive results. The Goodness Company's work in Medical Tourism Marketing was recognized by the MTA and promoted to association members. Our partnership with the MTA has proven essential to our success. I encourage membership in the MTA and active participation to take advantage of valuable member benefits. It's made all the difference for The Goodness Company and our clients."

Patrick Goodness, CEO
The Goodness Company: Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations
Office: 715-254-0711 x10
Alternate: 312-205-6424 x10
Costa Rica: 506-2588-0013



The Medical Tourism Association™ has created a first-class team dedicated to advancing the medical tourism industry. Their helpful staff, for whom no question is too small, assist new companies start businesses within the sector, and help existing companies with business development while promoting the industry as whole within the media, public and private sectors. The benefits of membership are numerous; from networking with other industry professionals, open forms for discussion, educational information, FAM trips and promotion of our growing industry; anyone interested in learning more about, or promoting Medical Tourism sector will greatly benefit from membership."

Helen K. Cosburn,
Facilitator and Consultant.


“I will be completing two years of membership with the Medical Tourism Association™ and without a doubt it has fulfilled more than my original expectations. If you’re involved with global interactions then belonging to this organization is a must have affiliation.”

Armando Polanco,
Texas Benefits


“The Medical Tourism Association™ has opened the proverbial gates of national and international contacts to move forward in this industry. The workshops and events available will propel you through the learning curve and make you an expert in no time.” 

Armando Polanco,
Texas Benefits


"Membership to the Medical Tourism Association has been a gamer changer for It has given us access to the leading healthcare providers and insurances in the World in a forum where networking is actively promoted, and best practice is encouraged and shared. If you are serious about Medical Tourism, you need to be a member."

Rob Passmore,