MTA Advisory Board

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Regional Advisory Council

The Regional Advisory Council will be made up of Ministers, Under-Secretaries and invited honoraries from around the world, coming together to support and develop Medical Tourism globally. Their goal is to communicate the development of global healthcare initiatives in their region to the MTA.

H.E. MR. NASSER AL-BUDOOR, Direct-International Affairs and Minister's Office, Ministry of Health, United Arab Emirates Member of the Executive Board of Health Minister's Council for Gulf Cooperations Council (GCC Countries)

DR. FAWZI AL-HAMMOURI, Chairman of the Private Hospitals Association - Jordan (Advisory Board Membership frozen until 2018)

DR. SHIN-HO LEE, Executive Director for Industry Support for Korea Health Industry Development Institute - Korea

DR. B.K. RANA, Deputy Director, National Accreditation Board of Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) – India

NARIMAN SAFARLI MD, Azerbaijan Medical Association - Azerbaijan

DR. ISMAIL KHALIFA, Worldwide Family Medicine - Switzerland

ABDALLA BASHIR, Jordan Hospital - Jordan

AKOS FARKAS, President MTA Hungary - Hungary

DR. JOEY KHAN, CEO Direct MedServices - Hungary

ABRIANNA KIM, President MTA Korea - South Korea

PROF. J. PAULO MOREIRA, President MTA Portugal


Innovation Council

The Innovation Council will be a working group whose goal will be to identify and develop new business opportunities, programs and events in the Medical Tourism Industry for the Medical Tourism Association® to participate in. The Council may identify regional experts to assist in the development of programs in respective regions and these experts will be part of a committee on regional development.

ROSANNA MORENO, McMains Moreno Global Consultants - USA

BRAD COOK, President, Medical Tours Costa Rica - Costa Rica

ALEXANDER PIPER, President of OneWorld Global Healthcare Solutions - USA

RENÉE-MARIE STEPHANO JD., President of the Medical Tourism Association - USA

JONATHAN EDELHEIT, CEO of the Medical Tourism Association - USA


Legal Council

The Legal Council will be a working group made up of legal members of the Medical Tourism Association. This Council will work on Alternate Dispute Resolution, Legal Development and Education Programs, CLE, and Patient Advocacy Programs. The Council will be chaired by a legal expert in medical tourism. The Council will also explore legislative development on medical tourism, restrictions on medical visas and provide information about relevant lobbying efforts to reduce medical visa restrictions and to provide an advantageous opportunity for medical travel.


SCOTT A. EDELSTEIN, Esq., Partner at Jones Day - Washington, District of Colombia USA

RENÉE-MARIE STEPHANO, JD., Chair and President of the Medical Tourism Association – Florida, USA