Medical Tourism Training, Workshops and Seminars

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The Medical Tourism Association offers Training Seminars and Workshops for Governments, Healthcare Clusters, Hospitals, Insurance Providers, Hospitality, and other interested parties. We believe that the foundation for any successful international healthcare and patient program is proper training and education. The MTA has spent several years gathering and developing a diverse curriculum of medical tourism training courses that can unlock the potential of your medical tourism initiatives.

MTA training programs can be designed to meet your budget, need and time constraints, and can include onsite in-house medical tourism training or online medical tourism training. Customized training sessions can range from four hours to one week of intensive medical tourism training.

Interactive Training

MTA training sessions are interactive and are meant to create active participation and collaboration by those participating.

The MTA offers a broad range of Workshops/Training Globally such as;

  • International Patient Services
  • International Patient Marketing
  • Facilitation of International Patients
  • Patient - Cultural Sensitivity
  • Legal and Compliance Issues
  • Developing International Insurance Company Relationships
  • Expatriate Patient Development
  • Healthcare Cluster Training
  • Patient Safety & Quality

How do I request an MTA Training/Workshops?

To find out more information about planning a Medical Tourism Training Program or Workshop or to possibly schedule a workshop or training program for your organization, please contact the MTA at [email protected] or call US 561-791-2000.