The Medical Tourism Association® is providing Educational Medical Tourism Webinars on various topics. These webinars have been created in part to educate the Medical Tourism Industry and in part to educate U.S. employers, insurance companies, and health insurance agents. Top people in the industry from insurance carriers, hospitals and facilitators will all be speaking.

The Affordable Care Act’s Impact on Self-Funded Employers and Medical Tourism

DescriptionCovering the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and What it Means for Self Funded Employer Health Plans

Access the Free WhitePaper: http://goo.gl/qde3or

The ACA is an overhaul of the American healthcare system, changing how health insurance works in the U.S.

As a result, many employers are switching to a self funded health plan to save money from claims and to benefit from exemptions in the law. This new healthcare environment creates an excellent opportunity for medical tourism to expand and work with self funded employers.

 Presented By:

Jonathan Edelheit
Medical Tourism Association

Opportunities in the Emerging Chinese Healthcare Market

Description“Chinese health care is quickly becoming one of the most popular sectors for investors looking for the next great untapped market” – NY Times

Asia-Pacific’s vast healthcare markets are experiencing rapid growth as healthcare spending increases. Improvements in care provision, a desire for innovation and a rising middle class and an aging population are creating unprecedented opportunities for international companies in medical tourism and healthcare related industries such as pharma, biotech, medical devices, telemedicine, wearable health-tech devices and mobile health. Join us on Tuesday, October 13th to learn from industry experts about the opportunities that the emerging Chinese Healthcare Market provides.

 Presented By:

Bill Cook
Dir. Business Development, Asia-Pacific
Medical Tourism Association
Pete Read
Global Growth Markets
Rex Hancock
Qingdao United Family Hospital
Iris Shi
Healthcare Quality & Insurance in China


WellHotel® Certification Program Webcast

DescriptionLearn more about WellHotel® Certification:

In the webcast you will learn:

  • What is WellHotel Certification?
  • Why becoming a certified WellHotel is important
  • What type of guests does the certification attract and how to attract them?
  • What are wellness travelers looking for?
  • Benefits of becoming a certified WellHotel
  • How to become certified and what are the standards?
  • Key ways in which certification can help to enhance a guest’s experience
  • What is a Certified Wellness Travel Professional®?
  • How will this certification help the business model and set the property apart from the competition?
  • How will certification improve the property’s visibility and marketability?

 Presented By:

Renee-Marie Stephano
Medical Tourism Association

Successful Case Studies of Medical travel: Domestic and International

DescriptionShared case studies of how employers have changed the cost game through innovation, offering employees the choice to travel domestically or internationally to top centers of excellence. Learn the stories of several employers who have successfully implemented medical tourism. Learn about one employer who saved over $5 million and has changed their entire corporate culture, where employees prefer to travel abroad for major surgeries rather than receive it at home.

 Presented By:

Jonathan Edelheit
Medical Tourism Association
Morgan Pile CES, GBDS
Global Consultant | Human Capital & Benefits
Willis Towers Watson
Anuja Agrawal
Health Flights Solutions


Opportunities in China’s Emerging Healthcare Market

DescriptionChina’s vast healthcare market is experiencing rapid growth as improvements in care provision, a rising middle class and an aging population are creating unprecedented opportunities for international healthcare providers and healthcare related industries such as pharma, biotech, medical devices and mobile health. And with the introduction of new healthcare reform policies, the government is encouraging private investment capital to build new hospitals and other care facilities, including 100% foreign owned hospitals. There is also a strong focus on improving healthcare quality, physician staff training, and attracting new technologies.

The outbound medical tourism market in China is also growing at rapid pace, with many wealthy Chinese patients seeking medical care and wellness services at top international hospitals and clinics in the U.S., Europe and Asia. According to statistics from the Shanghai Medical Tourism Products and Promotion Platform, each year approximately 60,000 Chinese travel abroad in search of medical services ranging from anti-aging therapy, cancer screening and treatment, fertility treatments, wellness check-ups and chronic disease treatment. Many experts believe that in the next several years the outbound market will grow to hundreds of thousands of patients seeking care abroad.

Join Jonathan Edelheit and Lisa G. Han to learn about unprecedented business opportunities in China’s healthcare sector including:

  • How healthcare reform is opening up new investment opportunities in the private hospital sector
  • How digital health technologies are driving healthcare access
  • Health insurance reforms and opportunities for private insurers
  • The growth of China’s outbound medical tourism market and opportunities for international providers
  • Types of medical services Chinese patients are seeking
  • Strategies to tap the China outbound market
  • How to access China’s key decision-makers today

 Presented By:

Jonathan Edelheit
Medical Tourism Association
Lisa G. Han


Nuts & Bolts of Contracting for Facilitators

DescriptionThis webcast is designed to assist facilitators in negotiating and structuring their contractual arrangements with healthcare providers, medical travelers and insurers. Some of the key legal provisions to consider in developing facilitator contracts and practical tips for managing the contracting process will be discussed. Attendees will learn:

  • Why it’s important to have written contracts
  • What provisions to be included in facilitator agreements and which ones to avoid
  • What contracts are needed for a facilitator business
  • Negotiating strategies for healthcare provider arrangements

 Presented By:

Scott A. Edelstein


The Medical Tourism Industry Is Changing, Are You?

DescriptionThis webcast will assist buyers of healthcare discover new opportunities, create game changing international partnerships and expand their network of providers. You will also learn methods of increasing your patient conversation rates and new ideas and trends within the industry.

The medical travel industry is moving forward every year. All insurance professionals, medical facilitators, brokers, employers, HR professionals, TPA’s, and anyone invested in the healthcare industry are welcome to attend and learn these revolutionary techniques.

 Presented By:

Jonathan Edelheit
Medical Tourism Association


Millenials are rewriting the future of travel

DescriptionIt is no secret that the millennial generation has been making headlines as the largest and arguably the most influential demographic in the United States today. These young adults, born between 1977 and 2000, are changing traditional marketing schemas as well as the way organizations are thinking about their brands.

Learn how the travel industry has been greatly affected by this powerhouse generation and understand how millennials see brands differently than every other generation in order to attract this new target market.

 Presented By:

Jeff Fromm
President & Co-Author Marketing To Millennials


MTA Members Utilizing The Global Patient Management System

DescriptionThe Global Patient Management System is a patient management and process automation system built specifically for the medical tourism industry. It is a secure, cloud-based system which provides content management, business process management, CRM, patient management, quote generation, business collaboration, and a host of other features.

More importantly, it allows you to stay in compliance with the stringent security and privacy regulations covering protected health information, such as HIPAA and EU Directive 95/46/EC. The MTA believes a platform such as this is critical to the success and growth of anyone in the medical tourism industry. In this webcast, we will provide an overview of the system and demo some of the key features of the system.

Learn how to increase productivity, revenues and lead conversions by using the Global Patient Management System.

Presented By:

Anuja Agrawal
CEO, Health Flights Solutions


Self-Funding: Passport to Medical Tourism for U.S. Employers

Description: Most employers understand that offering health insurance to their employees still makes good business sense. But, rising costs and evolving regulatory complexities have made things perfectly clear to employers: engaging employees and keeping one eye on the bottom line and the other on the challenges of compliance is not an easy job.

Self-funded employers represent 95% of large employers in the United States. This webcast will share successful case studies of employers who have significantly reduced their healthcare expenses by implementing both domestic and international medical tourism programs. Tune in to learn as a self-funded employer what the most innovative employers are doing to provide bundled packaged pricing for major surgeries and choosing specific centers of excellence in the U.S. and abroad to obtain better outcomes and employees returning to work faster.

Case studies will include Lowe’s, Pepsi, HSM and Blue Lake Casino.
Learn the best practices in implementing a medical tourism program, engaging employees in their center of excellence program, and reducing healthcare expenses by 20-90% for major medical procedures, such as orthopedics, heart procedures, among others.  


Hepatitis C: Saving 90%+ Through Medical Tourism

Tuesday, July 22, 2014 3:00 pm 
Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

Description: Tune into this informative free webcast and learn how PBM’s can disrupt the employer and insurance space by offering new cutting-edge Hepatitis C drugs that have the highest cure rates and could save employers as much as $80,000 per treatment!

This new game changer is a Hepatitis C drug with the highest cure rates and may be the first major option PBM’s can offer to drastically reduce healthcare expenses for their employers. Thus, creating a competitive edge to build your PBM’s client base and start taking clients from your competition.

Learn from Jonathan Edelheit, CEO of the Medical Tourism Association and leading expert in medical tourism for self-funded and fully insured employers and carriers, on how to implement prescription drugs abroad into your PBM services. 


Opportunities in Medical Tourism: How the MTA Can Help

Monday, July 21, 2014 10:00 am  
Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

Description: The Medical Tourism Association (MTA) is a non-profit association for the medical tourism and international patient industries connecting patients with first-class care from around the world. With access to and reach of over 1 million+ in over 100 countries, buyers of healthcare, hospitals, governments, insurance companies and more, learn how you can work with the MTA

Also committed to raising consumer awareness of international healthcare options, the MTA has specific developments designed to educate and increase the number of consumers who travel for healthcare.

As a new subscriber to the MTA, please learn about opportunities:

  • Medical Tourism Training and Certification Programs
  • The New MTA Resource Center
  • White Papers & Webcast
  • Benefits of joining the MTA with guaranteed patient leads
  • Peer-to-peer Networking Platform (MedicalTourismCity.com)
  • Lead Generation Strategies
  • Conferences Around the World
  • And Much More...


Self-Funding: Trend or Fiction

Almost half of all large employers in the US self-fund their health care plans instead of utilizing a fully insured approach. Many of the largest reinsurance companies who reinsure self-funded plans have started to adopt medical tourism into their self-funded plans. The self-funded medical plan marketplace is expected to be one of the largest adopters of medical tourism in the next few years.


Do Unto Others: Humanizing Healthcare To Attract And Create Loyal Patients

Wednesday, June 18, 2014 1:00 pm
Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

Description: In this new era of healthcare, the doctor patient relationship has evolved from a paternalistic to partnership dynamic. Empowered by the web, today’s patients are more educated about their medical conditions and selective about their doctors. As a result, physicians must develop trust-focused strategies that bring doctors and patients together to achieve better clinical outcomes. The “myElite” medical paradigm is a unique healthcare model that combines unparalleled personal medical services that favor quality over quantity. This webcast will focus on the study of e-patients, the impact of branding, practice aesthetics, and the overall patient experience from a female’s perspective.

After this webcast you will:

  • Understand the power of the female demographic.
  • Identify characteristics of a unique “patient experience.”
  • Recognize a strong practice and personal brand.
  • Cite criteria for concierge medicine service standards.  


What's the value of Certification in the Medical Tourism Industry?

Thursday, March 27, 2014 10:00 am
Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

Description: Ask anyone, "What is the best form of advertising?" Word of mouth is almost always the answer. People know, like and trust the opinions of their friends and family. Wouldn't it be great if your customers were telling all of their friends and family how great you are? Your reputation online will determine how you appear on social media sites and in the search engine results and that will have a lasting effect on your income. In this complimentary educational webcast learn about the cutting edge marketing and business growth strategies that will lead to excellent patient engagement that is shared socially and leads to more new patients.


Global Patient Management System

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 10:00 am
Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

Description: The Global Patient Management System is a patient management and process automation system built specifically for the medical tourism industry. It is a secure, cloud-based system which provides content management, business process management, CRM, patient management, quote generation, business collaboration, and a host of other features. And more importantly, it allows you to stay in compliance with the stringent security and privacy regulations covering protected health information, such as HIPAA and EU Directive 95/46/EC. The MTA believes a platform such as this is critical to the success and growth of anyone in the medical tourism industry. In this webcast, we will provide an overview of the system and demo some of the key features of the system.


How will The EU Directive on Cross-Border Healthcare affect the Medical Tourism Industry?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 7:00 am
Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

Description: The EU Directive on Cross-Border Healthcare was proposed in 2008, became law in 2011 and scheduled to be ratified by all European Member Staes on October 25th 2013.There is a lot of confusion in the Medical Tourism industry as to just what this Directive is. This webcast will clarify that, give an insight into the present position of the Directive and suggest the influence it may have on the Medical Tourism industry in Europe.


Passport to International Patients - Training and Certification program for Hospitals

Wednesday, April 9, 2014 10:00 am
Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

Description: There are millions of international patients seeking quality and affordable medical care. Many are seriously considering medical tourism as a way to satisfy this need. Unfortunately, very few providers possess a clear understanding of the international patient market or how to address the needs and expectations of international patients, insurance companies or facilitators, regardless of their country of origin.
To address the gap between high quality medical services and a positive international patient experience, the Medical Tourism Association has developed a training and certification program for International hospitals, International Patient Services Certification (IPSC).


What's the value of Certification in the Medical Tourism Industry?

Thursday, March 27, 2014 10:00 am
Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

Description: With increased competition in the medical tourism industry, how do you set yourself apart? The importance of certification continues to rise as consumers become more knowledgeable and have higher expectations with regards to healthcare delivery and customer service.
Attend this webcast to learn how medical tourism certification can help you expand your network of clients and grow your business.


Penetrating New Markets - Meet Buyers of Healthcare at WMTC

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 10:00 am
Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

Description: You don't need to travel the world to meet key business partners. At the 7th World Medical Tourism Congress (Washington D.C. Sep 20-24) you will be able to meet some of the major insurance companies such as Cigna, Aetna, Bupa, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, United Healthcare who have attended the event in the past. Sign up for this webcast and learn how to network with buyers of healthcare from around the world in one place and connect with top insurance companies to access expats covered under their plans residing in your region.


Understand the U.S. Healthcare System & How to Attract U.S. Buyers of Healthcare

Monday, March 24, 2014 10:00 am
Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

Description: Do you want to target the U.S. market but are not sure how to develop a strategy that works? The first step is to understand the U.S. Healthcare system, who provides coverage and what are the main challenges, concerns and goals that U.S. employers and insurance companies are facing in order to reduce healthcare costs while maintaining high quality of healthcare for their employees and insured clients.

Attend this webcast and learn about the challenges of U.S.Healthcare Reform for employers and insurance companies and what are the initiatives self funded employers are implementing to reduce healthcare costs.

If you are an international healthcare provider that is trying to attract the U.S. market and is interested to build business connections with U.S. buyers of healthcare, this is a webcast you can't afford to miss!

Managing Your Online Reputation & the Social Media Rules of Engagement with KevinMD

Social media has taken the online marketing world by storm. If you find that observation to be news, then you need to meet Dr. Kevin Pho, founder of KevinMD.com, the internet's leading destination for breaking medical news online.

Let KevinMD review your online history and diagnose what you need to develop an online presence that's not only healthy for your reputation, but your bottom line as well. Dr. Pho can help you identify an online treatment plan that will get you started today and sustain and expand your active internet audiences tomorrow.

Learn how to engage potential clients, answer questions they may pose and cultivate parallel healthcare resources like the Medical Tourism Association® that lead to partnerships and more business opportunities. In the end, you'll be able to ask questions of your own during an interactive session following the presentation.

Thursday, October 10, 2013 1:00 pm
Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)  

Presented By:

Dr. Kevin Pho
Founder & Editor

Daniel Benzler
Social Media Manager
Medical Tourism Association

US Healthcare Reform's Effect on Medical Tourism Update

Tune in to receive an update on what effect President Obama's healthcare reform law will have on the benefits landscape in the United States and how the rules and regulations will drive patients to seek medical tourism opportunities - both internationally and domestically -- in the aftermath of full implementation beginning at the start of the year.

English: Thursday, October 3, 2013 1:30 - 2:30 p.m. EDT (New York)

Espanol:  Jueves, Octubre 1, 2013 12 - 1 p.m. EDT (New York)


Maximize your Global Benefits Plans at the 6th World Medical Tourism Congress

Few things are as important as healthcare. Tune in to our Hosted Buyer Webcast and identify & understand what you need to know, when you need to know, and why and how you need to register for the world's largest annual medical tourism conference as a Hosted Buyer. Whether you are selecting a plan or selling one, your participation can qualify you for the Global Buyers Forum, an invitation-only event for select and influential international buyers of healthcare where the ins and outs of today's benefits landscape will be presented in a timely and thought-provoking educational platform.

English: Tuesday, October 1, 2013 10 a.m.-11 a.m. EDT (New York)  




Smart Strategies for Next Level Networking

Take the first step in making the World Medical Tourism Congress a memorable conference experience and design a profile in our networking software. Join us for an interactive presentation and we'll show you how! Navigating the custom software is extremely accessible and user-friendly. We'll provide you the 'must haves' of social networking and how to create a customizable profile.

Our networking expert will advise on how to connect with Congress delegates and make plans to shake hands in person. We'll guide you through the simple set up and show you how to maximize the profile features. Your investment in the Congress is extremely important and we've gathered effective strategy, tips and action plan for success.

The 2013 Networking Software Platform is one of the keys for Congress success. Be sure to calendar this sharp presentation to maximize connections, opportunities and ROI at this year's conference. 


Certified Medical Tourism Professional - Take Steps to Become a Medical Tourism Industry Leader

Join the Medical Tourism Association® for an educational webcast to learn the benefits of the Certified Medical Tourism program and the steps to become a Certified Medical Tourism Professional or Specialist, a certification of expertise within the medical tourism field, and the great benefits associated with the two years of membership included with the certification.

One of our Certified Medical Tourism Specialists, Julie Conner, C.E.O of Global Medical Tourism Facilitators, will discuss her industry experience and thoughts on the value of becoming a Certified Medical Tourism Professional.  

The webcast will answer the following questions:

  • What exactly is the Certified Medical Tourism Professional certification?
  • What professionals would gain value from becoming certified?
  • Is this certification a good fit for you?
  • How will being a member of the MTA will benefit you?

View on SlideShare:

Centers of Healthcare Excellence and Global Health Insurance – The Future of Mobility in Healthcare

Join Jose Quesada, Medical Director of Bupa International Private Medical Insurance and Jonathan Edelheit, CEO of the Medical Tourism Association in a co-sponsored webcast. We will be exploring solutions that allow multinational employers to reduce their expenses by eliminating the need to develop their own medical network through the use of global centers of excellence. 

The webcast focued on the following topics:

  • Centers of excellence and global insurance policies; what is their trend in growth as well as costs?
  • Difference between individuals purchasing insurance policies versus employers.
  • Where are individuals traveling to?
  • What are the future trends with regards to growth of these policies? 

View on SlideShare:

Centers of Healthcare Excellence and Global Health Insurance – The Future of Mobility in Healthcare from Medical Tourism Association

Understanding & Attracting Patients from the Middle East & GCC Region

As the Middle East and GCC payors seek to enhance quality of life measures for their citizens, additional healthcare spending becomes a top priority.

Join industry expert Dr. Saif AlJaibeji, MD PhD, Vice President of Government Relations Middle East & Africa for Aetna, will discuss patient demographics, market trends, sought-after procedures, targeted destinations, and patient decision-making processes that enter into planning medical treatments abroad. Webcast participants will develop a better understanding and appreciation for:

  • Why Middle Eastern & GCC patients are travelling for medical care;
  • Which destinations they are choosing and why;
  • How the rise in chronic health conditions and non communicable diseases impact the outbound patient flow;
  • What the future holds for this trend;
  • How to access payor systems in these regions;
  • What the best practices are for patient management; 

On YouTube 

Breaking it Down: Understanding Medical Care for Russian Speaking Patients

The Russian speaking market generates a tremendous opportunity for healthcare and travel providers all over the world representing not only those patients traveling from Russian speaking countries, but the large Russian diaspora found worldwide. Understanding the needs of these prospective health and wellness seekers and the cultural and linguistic competency necessary to ensure a good experience is essential to the development of one of the most competitive markets in the world. 

On YouTube 


Medical Tourism Facilitators: the Good, the Bad - the Unknown

Medical tourism facilitators, those charged with navigating a patient through the process of securing and achieving quality and affordable treatments and procedures abroad, are entering the healthcare travel industry at alarming rates that, if not monitored through standards and best-practices, threaten to strangle the very lifeblood the profession provides. 

This webinar presented industry updates and will address business opportunities for medical tourism facilitators to capitalize from this growing $60 billion industry.here

>> Click Here for the Webinar Q&A << 

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On YouTube


Wellness & Medical Tourism - Business Opportunities for Travel Agents

Travel & Tourism contributes 9% of Global GDP, more than $6 trillion. The rewards for travel agents involved with wellness and medical tourism are potentially sizable and sustainable. Healthcare reform, rising medical costs and economic factors affecting competing travel destinations and providers, make the climate ripe for proactive travel agents who have the foresight and intuition to predict tourism trends.  

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On YouTube


Health Care Reform's Effect on Medical Tourism

The Medical Tourism Magazine hosted a webinar on "US Healthcare Reform's Effect on Medical Tourism" presented by Jonathan Edelheit, the CEO of the Medical Tourism Association that discussed what to expect in the next few years as healthcare reform moves forward as well as it's impact on the future of Medical Tourism.  

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On YouTube


The Role of Travel Agents & the Hotel industry in Medical Tourism and Health and Wellness Tourism, August 24, 2011

This webinar is for those in the travel industry, such as travel agents, hotels, and tour operators. It will explain the role of the travel industry and what opportunities there are to make increased revenues through booking medical tourism trips and health and wellness vacations. The webinar will explain the processes and what every travel industry professional needs to have in place to do this successfully. It will also provide case studies of successful travel agents, hotels and tour operators that have a successful business in this emerging industry.


Investing in Medical Tourism-An Investors Webinar, September 21, 2011

This webinar is focused on healthcare investors who are looking to invest in medical tourism or medical tourism development. Medical tourism is poised for significant growth and is one of the most exciting investment opportunities. It will give a basic understanding of the medical tourism industry and then explain the different opportunities and business models that investors should look at when considering investing in this space.

Turismo Medico 101 – En Español – 19 de Julio del 2011

Este seminario en línea introducirá las bases del turismo medico para los nuevos integrantes a la industria. Se explicará el significado del turismo medico, por qué los pacientes viajan, a donde viajan y para cuales procedimientos. También proporcionará un análisis en cuanto a la razón de por qué la industria está creciendo y adonde se dirige en el futuro.


Employer Case Study of Medical Tourism, July 27, 2011

Listen to US employers who have either implemented medical tourism or are interested in implementing it explain why medical tourism is attractive to them, and what is required in order for them to implement it. Also, learn what destinations they are attracted to and why.


Tourism Board’s Role in Medical Tourism & Health and Wellness Promotion, July 13, 2011

This webinar was live on July 13, 2011 and was recorded to educate interested parties on this topic. This webinar will focus on the important role tourism board’s play in promoting medical tourism and health and wellness to the destination. Many consumers develop a perception of a country based on the image the tourism board has created. This session will examine how several tourism boards have promoted their country and established a brand. Lisbeth Stein, Membership Coordinator for the MTA presented in this webinar.



Medical Tourism Updates, May 24, 2011

Where is the medical tourism industry headed in 2011? This webinar will focus on what has happened in the industry over the past year, where it is headed in the future, and updates on activities and initiatives in the medical tourism industry by the Medical Tourism Association and other organizations. Get up to date!


Healthcare Reform Update, June 1, 2011

This webinar was live on June 1, 2011 and was recorded to educate interested parties on this topic. Get updated on the status of the US healthcare reform law. Where does the healthcare reform law stand today almost one year after its anniversary? Find out if anything has changed and about the upcoming rules and compliance issues over the next few years. Jonathan Edelheit, CEO of the MTA presented in this webinar.

Medical Tourism 101, June 7, 2011

This webinar was live on June 7, 2011 and was recorded to educate interested parties on this topic. This introductory webinar will be covering the basics of medical tourism for new entrants/participants to the industry. It will explain what medical tourism is, why patients are traveling, where they are traveling to, and for what procedures. It will also provide an analysis of why the medical tourism market is growing and where it is headed in the future. Lisbeth Stein, Membership Coordinator for the MTA presented in this webinar.

MTA Member Benefits and a MTA Membership Success Case Study, June 29, 2011

This webinar will focus on some of the new and exciting benefits for Medical Tourism Association members as well as the existing benefits of membership. It will also have a case study of how one MTA member has leveraged the benefits of being a member into a success story.


Below are all of our past webinars, to view them click here:



Webinar Session #1
Implementation of Medical Tourism in US Health Insurance Plans Part 1

Tune in to listen to Jerry Turney of USNOW and Ross Pendergraft, President of the Los Angeles Association of Health Underwriters, for the first bi-monthly Medical Tourism Webinar Educational Series by the Medical Tourism Association®. USNOW is one of the leading providers of limited medical health insurance plans. USNOW offers medical tourism to people who have health insurance through USNOW. Listen to Jerry Turney talk about who USNOW is, why they have implemented medical tourism, and why Mr. Turney believes medical tourism will be adopted by many other US health insurance companies and employers. Also, listen to Ross Pendergraft, President of the Los Angeles Association of Health Underwriters.

Webinar Session #2
Implementation of Medical Tourism in US Health Insurance Plans Part 2

Join Wouter Hoeberechts of WorldMed Assist and Matt Leming of Swiss Reinsurance Company as they discuss medical tourism with self-funded employers and the WorldMed Assist and Swiss Reinsurance Relationship.

Webinar Session #3
Creating Healthcare Clusters, Medical Clusters and Healthcare Cities

Renee-Marie Stephano, President of the Medical Tourism Association®, discusses how hospitals and governments can put aside their competition and differences and work together to create a healthcare city or medical cluster and create a brand name reputation for their city or region. The most successful countries and cities promoting medical tourism are those that have established a healthcare city or medical cluster. Learn from the leading expert in the world, Renee-Marie Stephano, who has helped establish some of the world's top healthcare cities and works with healthcare cities all around the world, determning what is required to create your own healthcare city.

Webinar Session #4
Opportunities in Medical Tourism and Understanding the US Healthcare Marketplace

Join Jonathan Edelheit, Chief Executive Officer of the Medical Tourism Association®, and learn what opportunities are available for medical tourism and why this is one of the fastest growing segments of healthcare in the world. Also, find out why the US is the largest emerging marketplace. Learn what opportunities there are with the 50 million Americans without health insurance, and also opportunities with US employers and insurance companies and find out which insurance companies and employers have started offering medical tourism, and which should in the future.

Webinar Session #5
Marketing Your Organization in the U.S.

2009 Marketing is Vastly Different from 2008, and 2010 promises to be even more different. Does your organization know which direction the Medical Tourism Industry is heading and are you able to keep up?

Webinar Session #6
Inbound Medical Tourism- Opportunities for US Hospitals and Clinics in Attracting Foreign Patients and International Insurance

In 2008, inbound medical tourism was estimated to represent more than 400,000 non-U.S. residents coming to the US for healthcare and spending almost $5 billion dollars per year as reported by Deloitte. The annual growth rate was estimated at 3% and by 2017 as many as 801,000 foreign patients may travel to the US for healthcare spending up to $11.4 billion dollars. Learn why patients are traveling to the USA from other countries, what countries they are traveling from and for what medical procedures. Learn what the future holds for inbound US medical tourism.

Webinar Session #7
Attracting Patients from the Caribbean, Opportunities in Medical Tourism for Caribbean

Thousands of patients leave the Caribbean each year spending millions of dollars on expensive medical care. Currently in some Caribbean countries there is a lack of quality healthcare infrastructure in the Caribbean. Learn why these Caribbean patients are traveling, what countries they are traveling to for medical care and what the future holds for Caribbean medical tourism.

Webinar Session #8
MedicalTourismCity.com, The Social Network for Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare

This webinar will discuss the importance of using the internet and social networking to develop new business relationships and networking. We also explain what medicaltourismcity.com is as a social network and how to properly use it to learn about medical tourism and network with insurance companies, health insurance agents, medical tourism facilitators, hospitals, clinics and governments. It explains how to use an internet social network to its maximum potential, and also cover all aspects of the medicaltourismcity.com social network, such as how to start your own private networking group on the website, inviting friends, sending private messages, creating your own blog and forum, uploading videos and photos and more.

Webinar Session #9
Online Marketing for Medical Tourism presented by Steve Latham

Medical tourism is growing rapidly, and the field is becoming more crowded by the day. As more and more institutions become certified to compete internationally, they must answer a very important question: how will patients find us?

As most health care marketers know, the Web is a critical medium for reaching patients and building your brand. Yet many are still on the sidelines, wondering what to do, where to start and how to measure results. Whether you’re looking at Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, email or other digital media, there are many options and seemingly few answers to the question “What should we do?”

With the goal of helping health care providers and facilitators understand how to use online media to grow market share, Steve Latham of Spur Interactive conductedan online webinar to address these issues and answer your questions.

In this presentation, Steve expanded on the basics he presented at the recent Congress in Los Angeles (see Online Marketing for Medical Tourism) and discussed best practices for site optimization and search engine marketing with special attention to Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

About the presenter:

Steve Latham is the founder and CEO of Spur Interactive (www.SpurHealth.com), a strategic interactive marketing agency with deep experience and insight in health care marketing.

In this role, Steve has planned and managed successful campaigns leveraging online advertising, social media, search engine marketing and email marketing to help numerous health care providers build their brands and acquire patients.

Steve is an accomplished industry lecturer, blogger and thought leader. Steve’s speaks frequently at industry events and his articles have been published by MediaPost, Online Media Daily, iMedia Connection, Marketing News and Bizjournals.com to name a few. Steve received an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BBA from the University of Oklahoma. You can review Steve’s articles and presentations at http://blog.spurinteractive.

Webinar Session #10
Top 10 Spa Trends 2010 and their Likely Impact on Medical Tourism

SpaFinder president, Susie Ellis, presents the company's seventh-annual 'Top 10 Spa Trends To Watch' for 2010 - a forecast much anticipated by global spa and wellness executives and the international media. For our audience, she also address how these trends are likely to impact medical tourism. She leads the world's most prominent spa media, marketing, and research company - connecting the largest global network of spas to millions of spa consumers worldwide through SpaFinder.com and its media properties. Ms. Ellis has been recognized as a prescient spotter (and analyzer) of emerging industry trends, and her annual report is regularly covered by press including The New York Times, Newsweek, Time, US News & World Report, USA Today and major newspapers worldwide.

Credited with having forecast numerous industry 'mega-trends' - from the wider shift from 'pampering' to wellness - to the continued interweaving of medicine and spas - to the impact of spa on design and cuisine - she will spotlight just-emerging new concepts impacting spa, wellness, fitness, and the ever-evolving consumer, that should shape the industry next year - and beyond. Author of the popular Ask Susie column in various SpaFinder publications, "Susie's Blog" on Spafinder.com, the SpaFinder Insider industry e-newsletter, and a contributor to a variety of spa lifestyle related publications, Ms. Ellis is recognized worldwide as a leading authority on the spa industry, the evolving spa consumer, and spa-related health, wellness, beauty, fitness and lifestyle trends.

She also leads the company's charitable and community-facing ventures, including SpaFinder's initiative to raise awareness of, and help prevent, melanoma skin cancer.

Ms. Ellis began her career in spa at the Golden Door (California), where she helped build one of the world's most influential spa programs, and later became the first spa director of the Greenhouse Spa at Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida. She has also served on the California Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, chaired by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Ms. Ellis is a frequent speaker at industry events around the world, and her spa industry insight has been featured in the New York Times, USA Today, Time magazine, The Daily Telegraph, Newsweek and in other well known media. She is a current board member of the Global Spa Summit and holds a MBA from UCLA.

Webinar Session #11
US Healthcare Reform

US Healthcare Reform was signed into law March 23rd, 2010 by President Barack Obama. Healthcare Reform is expected to have a very positive effect on medical tourism and significantly grow the medical tourism industry. Under the Healthcare Reform, the costs of health insurance in the US will increase substantially. Come Join the MTA’s Healthcare Reform’s Effect on Medical Tourism Webinar, tomorrow, Thursday, March 25th at 10 a.m. (US Eastern Standard Time) to learn about the different aspects of the Healthcare Reform that will increase health insurance costs for individuals, insurance companies and employers. Also, learn why the Healthcare Reform is not going to lower the costs for health insurance or healthcare in the US and how it may lead to long waiting periods for surgical procedures as seen in countries such as the UK and Canada.

Webinar Session # 12
Exhibitor and Sponsorship Opportunities for Medical Tourism Conference Webinar

This webinar is addressed to those companies that are interested in exhibiting or sponsoring the upcoming World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress, September 22nd-24th, 2010 in Los Angeles, CA where up to 2,000 attendees will be gathered with hundreds of healthcare buyers.

The presenter of this webinar will be Jonathan Edelheit, CEO of the Medical Tourism Association. Mr. Edelheit will cover all of the exciting updates regarding the conference including the new expanded agenda, top notch speakers from around the world, confirmed VIP buyers of healthcare attendees, insurance companies and employers who will be in attendance as well as the newly designed networking meeting schedules destined to bring you return on your investment. Mr. Edelheit will explain why this year’s conference is even better than before and why the VIP Buyers program is generating a tremendous amount of success. Mr. Edelheit will also discuss the changing climate in medical tourism and how in the US marketplace, the cost of healthcare and health insurance is increasing. He will also explain how more insurance companies and employers will look to medical tourism due to rising costs and because of the implementation of healthcare reform. This is a webinar that cannot be missed!

There will be two presentations; one on Wednesday, July 28th and a second on Thursday, July 29th, in order to accommodate our international audience. Registrants may select their preferred meeting. Time and dates are as follows:

Webinar Option A: Wednesday, July 28th
10 AM US Eastern Standard Time (EST)
4 PM Central European Summer Time (CEST)
11 PM Korean Standard Time (KST)
To register, please click here:

Webinar Option B: Thursday, July 29th
9 AM Central European Summer Time (CEST)
4 PM Korean Standard Time (KST)
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Webinar Session # 13
Growth of American Medical Tourism and Future Opportunities Webinar

Presenters - Trish Freeman, President Louisiana Association of Health Underwriters
Derrell Conner, M3 Insurance Solutions

This webinar will feature expert speakers from the US health insurance industry discussing the US Healthcare crisis and why Healthcare Reform will increase the costs of health insurance in the US and push more employers and insurance companies to look at implementing medical tourism because of the cost savings. It will explain health insurance agents views of medical tourism, how they perceive medical tourism and how they market and educate their clients, the employers, on medical tourism programs.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010
10 AM US Eastern Standard Time (EST)
4 PM Central European Summer Time (CEST)
11 PM Korean Standard Time (KST)
To register, please click here: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/824219194

Webinar Session #14
Highlights & Updates for the upcoming Medical Tourism Conference September 22-24th 2010 Webinar

Presenter - Jonathan Edelheit, CEO of the Medical Tourism Association

This webinar will discuss the upcoming 3rd Annual World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress, providing updates on speakers, sponsors and agenda topics. There are exciting new speakers from the US and international insurance industry, and employers who will be speaking. Highlights about the Buyers of Healthcare VIP program will be presented with explanation as to how this means return on investment for you. The webinar will also go into detail about the updated agenda, new format of networking meetings, and the special focus at the conference on healthcare reform. The webinar will also discuss the Expatriate Healthcare, Travel Insurance & Global Health Insurance Conference and Sustainable Healthcare & Hospital Development Conference that will take place simultaneously with the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress this year, and updates on where the medical tourism industry is headed.

Webinar Option A: Wednesday, August 11, 2010
10:00 AM US Eastern Standard Time (EST)
4 PM Central European Summer Time (CEST)
11 PM Korean Standard Time (KST)
To register, pleaes click here: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/407638227

Webinar Option B: Thursday, August 12, 2010
3 AM US Eastern Standard Time (EST)
9 AM Central European Summer Time (CEST)
4 PM Korean Standard Time (KST)
To register, please click here: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/926835234