International Patient Services Certification

International Patient Services Certification - Quality, Affordability, Accessibility, Availability

International Patient Services Training & Certification for Hospitals & Clinics

At this very moment there are millions of international patients seeking quality and affordable medical care. However, very few providers possess a clear understanding of the international patient market or how to address the needs and expectations of international patients, insurance companies or facilitators, regardless of their country of origin.

“One patient with a bad medical tourism experience has the potential to seriously hurt your hospital’s image and ruin years of marketing efforts.”

JCI, ISQua, DVM, AC, and certain other accreditations are good overall indicators of higher medical quality. However, they were not designed to evaluate the specific services, processes and human resources required to ensure an outstanding international patient experience from patient inquiry to continuum of care.

To address the gap between high quality medical services and a positive international patient experience, the Medical Tourism Association has developed IPSC Training & Certification for Hospitals & Clinics.

International Patient Services Training

IPSC Training is an onsite training program tailor-made to your organization’s unique needs and current level of competency working with international patients. Training sessions can be programmed as a one-time event over a period of 1-3 days or as a multi-stage process over several months.


Goals of the training:

  • Developing the necessary service infrastructure, both clinical and non-clinical expected by international patients;
  • Ensuring services are responsive to international patient and community needs;
  • Developing strong protocols to ensure medical travelers receive high quality care and are protected from harm in the event of a bad outcome;
  • Promote the implementation of Cultural Competency protocols to improve the patient experience;
  • Encouraging shared knowledge and resources across borders;
  • Ensuring public health interests are not shadowed by the prioritization of the needs of the more privileged

Who should attend the training program?

The training program has been created for hospital management, employees and medical professionals who are involved directly or indirectly with your international patient program. It is appropriate for:

  • International department staff
  • Medical directors
  • Marketing directors
  • Marketing directors
  • Nurses and
  • Any frontline staff who are in daily contact with international patients

Course instructors

Course instructors possess many years of practical experience in the medical tourism field in areas of international patient management, insurance benefits, healthcare quality and safety, facilitation, developing CME’s for physicians and international law. They include a masters of public health with certifications in Lean Six Sigma, former hospital international department director, published authors on international patient care and facilitation, physicians and lawyers.

*The International Patient Services Training is not a requirement for Certification; however, it may be recommended after initial application and review. For more information about the program please download our brochure.

International Patient Services Certification for Hospitals & Clinics

The International Patient Services Certification (IPSC) is a certification of competence for hospitals and clinics that have demonstrated that they have the necessary standards, services and protocols in place to adequately address international patient needs and expectations. The Certification is a two year certification.

Certification by the Medical Tourism Association may benefit healthcare organizations by accomplishing the following:

  • Improve overall Patient Safety and Outcomes
  • Achieve a Competitive Edge in your Market
  • Achieve Increased Visibility & Respect from Industry Stakeholders
  • Validate Commitment to Excellence to Consumers
  • Enhance Staff Competencies & Overall Service Capabilities
  • Creates confidence, trust and credibility in your organization, helping to increase the flow of international patients

For a detailed overview of the IPSC Certification for Hospitals & Clinics please download our brochure below.