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Medical Tourism Destination Guide

Medical Tourism Association® Destination Guides

The destination guides are an exclusive focus on a destination, country or city with detailed information about the quality of healthcare in the destination and the healthcare infrastructure found in that region. The guide will include information on hospitals, clinics, medical spas, wellness centers, hotels and tour operators for patients. It will also feature tourism information for patients with full color photos. This will help you pursue your expectations for a particular medical tourist destination.

Medical Tourism Magazine’s Guide to a Healthcare Destination

Did You Know:

  • A recent Medical Tourism Association® Survey found that almost 50% of medical tourists researched their information on medical tourism online.


  • Each guide covers a specific Geographical focus (Country or City)
  • Detailed Information about the Quality of Healthcare in the Destination Country. and the Healthcare Infrastructure found in the designated region.
  • Information on Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Spas, Wellness Centers, Hotels and Tour Operators for Patients.
  • Tourism Information for Patients and their Companions during their medical stay.
  • Expectations of patients and companions when traveling to specific countries and cities.
  • Full Color photos of the hospitals and tourism opportunities unlike other industry guides.

Features of The Destination Guide Book:

  • Exclusive Focus on the Destination, Country or City.
  • Instant Free Access for Patients – by download from MTA website.
  • Approximately 50 to 75 pages in length.
  • Print edition available for purchase by patients, insurance companies, employers and facilitators through and other merchants for worldwide distribution.
  • Subscriber Destination, Country or City has the option to translate guide to country’s native language. All additional costs and labor associated with translation will be funded by subscriber.
  • The cost for Medical Tourism Magazine’s Guide to a healthcare destination can vary. Contact us for pricing.
  • Renewal Options must be paid in full at the time of initial contract and include only online updates. Any additional printing costs are exclusive of renewal fees.
    • Additional 2 Year Renewal ~ Contact us for pricing.
    • Additional 3 Year Renewal ~ Contact us for pricing.
    • All information must be provided by the host destination, country or city and scheduled renewal dates must be strictly adhered to.
  • MTA reserves the right to identify and include listings in the host destination, country or city.
  • Spa and Wellness facilities may be included as additional listings upon approval by the Editorial Department.

For more information contact:

[email protected] Phone: 561.791.2000