Opportunities in China’s Growing Healthcare Market Attract Elite Healthcare Firms to China for B2B and B2G Trade Mission


The Hainan government, The Medical Tourism Association® and Beijing Great Idea Business Resources Co. cordially invite you to participate in the World Medical Tourism Congress 2016 Boao, China and VIP Trade Mission June 3-8, 2016. The trade mission will begin on June 3rd, at the World Medical Tourism Congress 2016 Boao, China, to be held at Boao International Conference Center in Hainan Province, China’s most prestigious conference venue and host of the famed Boao Forum for Asia.

The outbound medical tourism market in China is growing at rapid pace, with many wealthy Chinese patients seeking medical care and wellness services at top international hospitals and clinics in the U.S. The most sought-after services include cancer treatments, cardiology, organ transplants, fertility treatments, pediatric treatments, comprehensive health-check-ups and anti-aging therapies. We are expecting 20 or more Chinese facilitator companies to participate as they explore partnerships with international healthcare facilities for patient referrals.

Healthcare City

A big focus this year will be on the Boao Lecheng International Medical Travel Pilot Zone, which is currently under development. With over 7 billion USD in total investment, the Hainan Government is seeking to attract international partnerships and collaborations to create a world-class Healthcare City. Key projects include the Yuanhe 301 Precision Medical Center, Enhance International Cell Therapy Medical Center, Ciming Oasis Rehabilitation Center for Chronic Diseases, Hainan New-Life Stem Cell Anti-Aging Beauty Center, Maritime Silk Road Stem Cell Medical Center, and Yinfeng Stem Cell International Medical Center and Chang Sheng International Medical Center.  The government is focused on attracting leading organizations from abroad including tourism boards, international hospitals, specialty hospitals, wellness, hotels, biotech, R & D, digital health, finance, real estate development, insurance, and medical tourism to help develop the health and tourism sectors.

The Hainan government is offering a number of incentives to attract international collaborations including: 

  • Fast-track approval for new drugs, technology and medical devices
  • Extending up to three years the time foreign physicians are allowed to practice medicine in Hainan
  • Allowing 100% foreign direct investment and ownership in hospitals
  • Reduction of tariffs on certain medical devices and equipment

Visit our conference website to register today. 

A sample of prominent Chinese organizations attending the conference:  

  • Chinese PLA 301 Hospital of Hainan
  • Hainan General Hospital
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Hainan
  • Affiliated Hospital of Hainan Medical University
  • Hainan Provicial Nongken General Hospital
  • Haikou People’s Hospital
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Sanya
  • Peking University School of Stomatology
  • Bybo Dental Hospital of Hainan
  • Golden Heights of Haikou
  • Qionghai People’s Hospital
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Qionghai
  • Guo Kang Hospital
  • Shiny-Day Medical Group
  • HNA Healthcare Investment Management Co., Ltd
  • Evergreen International Medical Center of Boao
  • Rita Fibrocell International Rehabilitation Center
  • Boao Chimin International Medical Anti-aging Center
  • Hainan Yiling Anti-aging Center
  • Boao Affiliated Stem Cell Hospital of China Stem Cell Group
  • Boao Anti-aging Center of Beauty Farm
  • Chengmei International Medical Center of Hainan Cancer Hospital
  • Yuanhe 301 Precision Medical CenteEnhance International Cell Therapy Medical Center
  • Ciming Oasis Rehabilitation Center for Chronic Diseases
  • Hainan New-Life Stem Cell Anti-Aging Beauty Center
  • “Maritime Silk Road Stem Cell Medical Center
  • Yinfeng Stem Cell International Medical Center
  • Changsheng International Medical Center
  • Jincheng International Medical Testing Center of Boao, Hainan
  • Boao Medical Center of The Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yai-sen University
  • Regenerative Medicine Clinical Center of Boao, Hainan
  • Life Infinity Regenerative Medicine Center of Hainan
  • Theme Hotel of Health and Wellness
  • S-Evans Stem Preparation and Biosciences Center of Hainan
  • Regenerative Spring Stem Health Park Co., Ltd.
  • Asia Stem Cell Bank
  • Zhongying Jiuzhou Medical Center
  • International Life Anti-aging Beauty Center of Boao, Hainan

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