Will Germans go to Poland for treatment? – Polish Trade Missions 2014

KOLN_10_April 2014

KOLN Polish Trade Mission – April 10 2014

Poland is a fast growing heath destination for medical tourism. That’s why under the auspices of the Polish Ministry of Economy, a medical tourism promotion project was launched in 2012, financed by the EU.

The cross-border health care directive, implemented in October, 2013, will improve the medical tourism movement especially  close to the Polish- German  border.  The Ministry of Economy promotional project is implemented by the Consortium of EUCP, AMEDS Centrum and Polish Agency of Information and Investments.

The Project has been implemented in 7 Countries: Germany, UK, Russia, USA, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Activities planned as part of the project include the preparation of modern promotional tools, an international ad campaign, organization of trade missions and study tours of journalists and sector representatives as well as the participation in international  fairs, such as the MTA annual congress, 7th World Medical Tourism Congress (Washington D.C. Sep 20-24), where Poland has been a sponsor during the last two years.


The organization of Trade Missions is a very important component in the Ministry of Economy medical tourism promotional project. Recently, a Polish medical tourism trade mission was held in Germany on April 10-11. Representatives of 14 Polish Facilities who are ready to receive German patients met with representatives of the German tourism sector and medical tourism facilitators on April 10 in KOLN and with German insurance Companies and German Health Funds on April 11 in Berlin. During this two day trade mission, participants were able to attend a short seminar with focus on the EU cross border healthcare act. In addition, they also had the opportunity to meet with word class specialists & the co-author of EU directive: Dr. Günter Danser. The Seminar and matchmaking sessions that followed  attracted over 60 participants both facilitators and insurance companies.

As part of the medical tourism promotional project sponsored by Ministry of Economy there will be four more trade missions coming up this year in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and UK.

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