Why Should The Dominican Republic Be Your Next Medical Travel Destination


The Medical Tourism Association® is taking charge of your next medical travel, and the destination of choice is the Dominican Republic! Whether you are a patient researching the ideal destination for your next health and wellness visit, or a facilitator seeking to provide the best guidance to your clients, you should consider the Dominican Republic for the following reasons.

First, the country has long been one of the Caribbean’s top tourism destinations, with millions visiting each year to experience the island’s unspoiled tropical beaches, rich history and vibrant culture.

Additionally, the Dominican Republic is gaining global recognition for high quality of healthcare and advanced wellness programs, especially after working deligiently with the MTA to design a medical tourism destination model, and acquire the needed education and certifications. Register here for our FREE webcast next Thursday February 4, 2016 to learn more about tackling this growing medical tourism destination.

As the MTA’s President Renée-Marie Stephano, explained once,”there’s no mystery about the Dominican Republic’s status as an elite destination for tourism and the value related services provide to the country’s economy.”

With such value in mind, the MTA put together the ultimate guide to this astounding medical tourism destination, and invites you to view the FREE Online version of the Dominican Republic Health & Wellness Destination Guide

This full-color illustrated guide is filled with practical tips and recommendations for patients and other buyers of healthcare and features information on hospitals, clinics , medical procedures, hotels and tourism attractions.

Don’t forget to view the FREE online version of the guide or download your copy on Amazon, iTunes or Nook


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