Why Do US Hospitals Need to Be Part of Our China Initiative?


It’s no news that China has always attracted foreign investment. The partnerships that the Medical Tourism Association has been building in China are opening up unparalleled opportunities for international healthcare organizations to access the Chinese healthcare market. Now that’s news!

“China’s annual healthcare expenditure is projected to grow at an average rate of 11.8 percent a year from 2014-2018, reaching $892 billion by 2018,” according to an article published by the Medical Tourism Magazine last October.

As lifestyle changes burden the people with “lifestyle” diseases ranging from diabetes to cancer, the Chinese healthcare system faces great sustainability issues and quality related struggles. Learn more about the Chinese healthcare challenges here. Although the Chinese government is working to improve and grow the medical infrastructure in the country, millions of chinese are still unhappy with the standards of their healthcare system. 

While many struggle to receive the medical care they need, wealthy patients are relying on medical tourism facilitators to connect them with better quality care and faster solutions abroad. 

This reality is creating global opportunities to one, service the population of outsourced Chinese patients, and two, invest into the expansion of the healthcare system. Having said that, these very hospitals now have the opportunity to be ahead of the game by attending the World Medical Tourism Congress Boao, China and accessing the Chinese market.

This conference is particularly unique in the sense that it includes a trade mission targeting top Chinese government officials. Approved VIP Buyers will be invited to participate in an all-expense paid 2-3 day trade mission to select cities in China for additional networking and business development opportunities.

Why Participate?  

  • Introduction to business opportunities across multiple sectors
  • Access to key healthcare and government decision-makers
  • Unparalleled networking opportunities with the local business community
  • Exquisite brand marketing and sponsorship opportunities
  • B2B and B2G meetings with potential partners
  • An unprecedented opportunity to initiate, develop and conclude partnerships and investments.

Dates: June 6-8, 2016 (right after the WMTC China-Boao congress)

 Who will be there?  

  • Hospitals and medical groups
  • City governments and health industrial parks seeking projects and international cooperation
  • Experts and professors from Chinese and foreign hospitals, universities and scientific research institutions seeking industrial cooperation opportunities
  • Chinese and foreign venture capital funds, equity investment funds, angel investment funds, private investors and investment companies seeking potential investment projects
  • Senior executives from Chinese listed companies and multinational enterprises seeking business cooperation and M&A opportunities
  • Local governments, Mhealth and high-end holiday & tourism destinations with intents of investment invitation
  • Investment banks, lawyers, accountants and executives of consulting companies seeking potential clients

At each city there will be meetings with government officials, healthcare CEO’s and other business leaders as well as visits to health zones and some cultural tourism.  Our local partners are working with each municipality to do “business matchmaking” based on the delegates who will be participating.

Participating in this huge event is the ultimate opportunity to meet the china-based medical tourism facilitators who will connect you with the Chinese patients; market your services and brand to industry leaders and local businesses; speak and influence the healthcare industry with your expertise; be part of something bigger and better.

Contact us and take the first step towards the future of healthcare.




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