Wellness & Medical Travel- Understanding the Market Opportunity.


shutterstock_54302458 International wellness tourist spends about 65% more per trip than the average international tourist according SRI. Wellness and Medical Travel represent between $60 to $100 billion in annual revenue. Individuals are traveling due to reasons from medical procedures such as hip replacements well many travel to improve healthy living, rejuvenation & relaxation and disease prevention. The International Luxury Hotel Association brings you this cutting edge webcast from the industry experts providing insight into:

• The Emerging Wellness and Medical Travel – What are the Opportunities?
• What are the emerging trends?
• How many consumers travel for wellness and medical travel?
• What is the business model and case for a Luxury Hotel to develop a wellness or medical travel program?
• How to establish your luxury hotel as a leader and brand in this space?
• What internal changes does your organization have to make to tap into either Wellness or Medical Travel?
• Where is the industry headed over the next 3 to 5 years


Join us for this educational webcast and learn the many market opportunities that the wellness and medical travel industry has to offer.

Presented by:
Barak, President, International Luxury Hotel Association

Renee-Marie Stephano, Editor in Chief, Wellness Tourism Magazine



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