Wellmed (Wellness and Medical Nicaragua) – Nicaraguan Based Facilitating Services

Wellmed is the first Medical Tourism facilitator working from Nicaragua with presence in the United States.  They are active in promoting the best hospitals and most prestigious medical doctors in the country.


Wellmed provides solutions both to patients looking for quality procedures/services at affordable prices as well as to doctors and hospitals looking to improve their market penetration in the USA and Canada. Their USA office operating from Fort Lauderdale, Florida has developed strong relationships with the Latin communities living in the United States and has mandated to increase the American based market as well. Their office in Managua handles all the logistics and services and provides the necessary support for patients coming from abroad.


Wellmed is the leader in Medical Tourism development in Nicaragua and is contributing significantly to the development of the national cluster of medical tourism.


For more information please visit their website www.nicaraguawellmed.com

Email:  info@nicaraguawellmed.com

Phone: 305-515-8292


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