The Transforming Power of Medical Toursim


Jo’s story is not atypical. Sadly, it is a very common to find parents living in chronic pain while caring for their children, unable to afford proper medical care for themselves. We all know someone whose quality of life is dictated by high costs of care.

Jo Ellen, a single mom of 2 children is specifically why we are in this business; to #HelpOthersBy constantly educating and spreading awareness about affordable health options locally and globally.

#MedicalTourism afforded this mother the opportunity to receive a state of the art dental treatment and TMJ therapy in Vienna, Virginia, after living in pain and discomfort for many years. She received treatmnents over the course of 8 months at the Sleep & TMJ Therapy center – a division of Tyson’s Corner TMJ Dental – that transformed her life entirely. 

Today Jo gets to enjoy outdoors activities with her children, while living a pain-free life and a new romance.

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