St. Luke’s MedConnect App Brings Healthcare Services Closer To You!

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St. Luke’s Medical Center remains to be one of the top choices for medical tourists. It’s internationally trained medical professionals make use of the best medical technologies that are sought after the world over, in providing excellent healthcare and an unsurpassed total patient experience.

St. Lukes has achieved medical success rates comparable to those of the best hospitals in the world. St. Luke’s has achieved a 100% procedural success rate in transcatheter aortic valve replacement  (TAVR), a 98% success rate in coronary artery bypass graft surgery, a 99% success rate in open-heart surgery, in-vitro fertilization clinical pregnancy rate of 47% which is higher than the world average of 31% and a 98.9% survival rate for coronary angioplasty and stenting.

St Lukes ScreenshotNow St. Luke’s Medical Center is even “CLOSER TO YOU” with the launch of the first healthcare app, MedConnect.

MedConnect is a user-friendly app that makes transacting with the hospital more convenient and easier.  This includes requesting an appointment with any St. Luke’s Doctor and accessing Laboratory Results, Room Reservations, Online Payment, Executive Check-Ups and Health Tips.

With 5,203 downloads, more and more people are getting closer with one of the best hospitals in the world.

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