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MTA_0621_PATIENT_WEBCAST2894If you or your loved ones need to undergo a medical procedure you need to know what your options are. Do you feel you are spending too much on your medication? Do you feel that your medical costs for healthcare procedures are too expensive at your local healthcare provider? Sign up for this free educational patient webcast to learn ways to save on dental, diagnostic, cosmetic procedures, and prescription drugs. Cost savings is just the start; this education webcast will also make an emphasis on safety and quality of care. After all, what’s the use of saving money on healthcare if the quality of care is poor? Attend this free webcast and learn:2899

  • Cost-Saving Healthcare Solutions
  • Cost-Savings without Compromising Quality
  • Affordable Prescription Options
  • Typical Medical Tourism Experiences
  • Aftercare

Live interaction throughout the presentation with healthcare providers and medical professionals enables you to ask questions and share answers with an international audience of experts and patients like you.

“Having worked in the healthcare field before, I know that the care we got at Almater Hospital was better than what we could have gotten anywhere, and it was a third of the price I would have paid at home.”

-Michelle Dore

When: Tuesday, March 4th, 2014, 10-11 a.m. EDT 
and Receive Access to the Patient Experience Documentary


Highlight Webcast Topics:


Access Prescription Medications For Less  




Adil Saleh – is our Medical Affairs Consultant

  • How to reduce cost when purchasing your medications
  • Is it safe for me to purchase medications abroad?
  • Generic, ethical Rx brand options
  • 5 tips that can save your life when procuring medications outside of my home country? and Global Access for Patients.

Choose the Right Healthcare Provider for You  



Diana Cota International Medical Coordinator at Almater Hospital
  • 5 characteristics you should look for when choosing a foreign medical provider
  • How can I be sure about the foreign physician’s qualifications and experience?
  • What are my rights as a foreign patient?
  • Who will help me during my medical stay? (Before, During, and after procedure)

Explore Quality and Affordable healthcare Across Borders  




Bill Cook – Vice president of Medical Tours Costa Rica

  • 7 mistakes that can ruin your medical trip
  • What is a typical medical tourism experience like?
  • How much money will I save?
  • Should I use a medical tourism facilitator?



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