Let us Introduce you To Our Network of Chinese Medical Tourism Facilitators


The outbound medical tourism market in China is growing at rapid pace, with many wealthy Chinese patients seeking medical care and wellness services at top international hospitals and clinics in the U.S. 

According to statistics from the Shanghai Medical Tourism Products and Promotion Platform, each year approximately 60,000 Chinese travel abroad in search of medical services ranging from anti-aging therapy, cancer screening and treatment, fertility treatments, wellness check-ups and chronic disease treatment. 

In order to capitalize on the growing Chinese healthcare market, The Hainan government, The Medical Tourism Association® and Beijing Great Idea Business Resources Co. invite you to participate at the World Medical Tourism Congress 2016 Boao, China and VIP Trade Mission June 3-8, 2016  to be held at Boao International Conference Center in Hainan Province, China’s most prestigious conference venue and host of the famed Boao Forum for Asia.

We have invited over 40 top Chinese facilitator companies (see list below) to participate as they explore partnerships with international healthcare facilities for patient referrals. Do not miss this unprecedented opportunity to grow inbound patient referrals from China. Ask about our all-inclusive China Trade Mission where approved VIP’s will have all their costs covered in in China.

For more information contact Charlie@medicaltourismassociation.com 

Here is a list of the attending facilitators: 

  • Firstcare China Medical Tourism Co., Ltd.   
  • Beijing Kaishi Biotechnology Co., Ltd.  
  • Beijing Medrerreattt Hospital Management Co.,   Ltd.  
  • TennYi Health Management Co., Ltd.   
  • Ngoi Healthcare Investment Co., Ltd.        
  • Xiekang Changrong Hospital Management Co., Ltd. (Beijing)  
  • Ryavo Health Management Co., Ltd. (Shanghai) 
  • Meiyu International Health Management Co., Ltd.
  • Shangfang Health Medical Technology Co., Ltd.  (Hangzhou)   
  • Chunyu Yipin International Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Beijing)   
  • Hope Noah Health Management Co., Ltd. (Beijing)    
  • Shenzhen Bozhen Overseas Medical Service Co., Ltd.
  • Ainuo Health Management Co., Ltd.  (Harbin)         
  • United Family Healthcare Group
  • Beijing Ouyue Family Health Management Co., Ltd.  
  • Beijing Concord Health Consult Co., Ltd.     
  • Caissa Touristic
  • Shenzhen Dada Information Consulting Co., Ltd.   
  • Jieyi Net
  • Shanghai Etam  Sailante Health Management Co., Ltd.      
  • Shanghai Meiyi Business Co., Ltd.
  • U-Bridge Health Management Co., Ltd.      
  • Counton Global Mobility Solutions
  • Liaoning All Health Medical Information Consulting Co., Ltd.     
  • Hong Kong Health Guard Group
  • JCI Overseas Medical Consulting Co., Ltd.    
  • MEGA Healthcare Technology Co., Ltd. (Shanghai)      
  • Handsome International Healthcare Technology Co., Ltd.    
  • Chongqing Ocean Tourism Co., Ltd.      
  • Tpwell Health Management Co., Ltd.       
  • CiMing Checkup Management Co., Ltd.   
  • Shenzhen Airui Overseas Health Management Co., Ltd.    
  • Joy Health Management consulting Co., Ltd.      
  • Beijing Pure Blue International Travel Agency Co., Ltd.    
  • Shanghai Yorigo Tourism Consulting Co., Ltd.
  • Sichuan Trecare Medical Management Co., Ltd.       
  • Shanghai Hongfeng Health Management Co., Ltd.   
  • Shanghai Youshi Health Management Consulting Co., Ltd.             
  • Medical Tourism Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Beijing Xinri International Travel Agency Co., Ltd.
  • Y & A (International) Medical Consulting Co., Ltd.
  • Beijing Saint Lucia Consulting Pty Ltd

  • Kangtai Health 

  • Hope Miracle Healthcare Consulting Inc. 

  • Beijing Saint Lucia Consulting Pty Ltd 

  • Ryavo Healthcare

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