NEW! WellHotel Training and Certification


Did you know that medical & wellness tourists spend 5-10 times more than regular tourists and that they typically travel with a companion and stay in the destination an average of 10-20 days?

Now, is your hotel ready to receive health and wellness travelers?

Before your organization decides to allocate time, money and energy into a decision to attract these unique customers, you should start by learning more about their demands and expectations. 

By creating unique services for health & wellness travelers, hotels and resorts can:

  • Increase customer satisfaction and revenues for your property
  • Gain a competitive advantage by providing pre-care and after-care health and wellness services
  • Develop strategic partnerships with health and wellness partners
  • Streamline operations and enhance the skills of your professional staff
  • Attract a new type of guest and enhance your services to meet  the needs of health travelers
The Medical Tourism Association, WellHotel® Training and Certification, is the solution to expand your potential pool of guests while differentiating yourself from competitors.

  Take the next step towards excellence in health and quality service

What could be more effective to attract more clients and increase your revenue?


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