Medical Tourism: A Multibillion Dollar Industry At Your Disposal


Medical tourism is far from being a new phenomenon. With the world becoming a global and diverse community, travelling for healthcare has become as common and accessible as social media. In the United States, some hospitals that cater for international patients provide services beyond healthcare that range from translation services to airport pick up.

This multibillion dollars international industry is a product of global and national efforts. 

The State of Philadelphia for instance, developed its own model of medical tourism in order to better connect international patients with local health facilities and hospitals.

The continuous growth of the industry does not negate however, the dangers associated with it. As quality of healthcare radically differs from region to region, travelling patients must consider risks for complications and other obstacles they might face.

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What practices and steps should countries and regions develop to better secure a positive outcome for medical travel, and ensure the safety and wellness of international patients? 


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