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Dominican Republic Medical Tourism - Just The Facts

The popularity of the internet and social media sites has spawned a dark-side based upon online statements that enable almost anyone to seriously defame reputations and, otherwise, hard-earned goodwill. Such is the case of a press release from the Medical Travel Quality Alliance, which claims an ambiguous report warning …

“… travelers not to have medical procedures done in Dominican Republic and puts four other countries on a watch list. The Medical Travel Advisory, the first ever issued by the medical tourism industry, identifies an excessive number of deaths and life-threatening infections of medical tourists in Dominican Republic … ”
PRNewswire -Dec. 15, 2015

Left unchallenged statements like this can often do more harm than good and, in this particular case, to the Dominican Republic, which, through its Ministry of Tourism (MITUR), Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (MISPAS), the Colegio Médico Dominicano (CMD) and the Association of Hotels and Tourism (ASONAHORES) have formally developed a governing framework to promote health tourism.

Fox NewsWall Street Journal, Listin Diario, and Dominican Today have reflected positively on these efforts.

What You Should Know | Dominican Republic Medical Tourism

Health is your most valuable asset. If you are considering a medical tourism procedure in the Dominican Republic, here are some facts:

  • The Dominican Republic has the largest healthcare system, private or public, in the Caribbean. Out of this group of healthcare providers, Hospital General de la Plaza de la Salud is the first to achieve International Patient Services Certification® (IPSC) offered through the Medical Tourism Association® in collaboration with Asociación Dominicana de Turismo de la Salud (ADTS) and Universidad Iberomericana (UNIBE).
    • UNIBE is a private coeducational institute of higher education in Santa Domingo and home to the School of Medicine, which is licensed by the Commission for Independent Education in the Department of Education of the State of Florida, USA.
    • ADTS is a nonprofit organization that promotes the Dominican Republic as a destination for medical tourism while encouraging best industry practices, patient safety, and the accreditations and certifications of specialists and healthcare centers.
  • In addition to conducting an intensive training program for physicians and staff, the Medical Tourism Association® performed an evaluation and audit of Hospital General de la Plaza Salud in the areas of corporate transparency, operational infrastructure, quality and safety of health services, risk management and international patient services including post-surgical education and communication, cultural sensitivity, and accommodation and coordination of continuity of care.
  • Some 5.6 million foreigners traveled to the Dominican Republic last year, providing US $ 6.000 million to the economy, according to Francisco Javier García, Minister of Tourism. Many of these same travelers sought the expertise of accredited physicians for plastic surgery. There are many plastic surgeons in the Dominican Republic to choose from, but all should be in good standing with the Dominican Society of Plastic Surgeons

Few mechanisms – but for facts – are available to confront sensational or fabricated material. You, alone, must judge for yourself in concert with a physician who has the knowledge you can trust and the accreditation and certification to prove its value.

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