Japan Is Getting On Board, Are You?


Japan is getting on board of the medical tourism ship! Are you preparing to sail along? After realizing that marketing strategies alone do not suffice for the success of an industry, and in an effort to promote Japan as a medical tourism destination, a new school of medicine scheduled to open in Narita in April of 2017, will encompass a medical tourism program to attract foreigners into the Japanese healthcare market. Read full article here

Although the program per se cannot guarantee the sustainability of the Japanese healthcare system, it will provide Japan with the needed exposure to promote its healthcare services to the foreign market. In addition to a wide range of services and treatments from routine physical exams to surgical procedures, visitors will tour Tokyo and enjoy the city’s gems.

With this in mind and as patients cannot – and should not – carry the burden of coordinating all travel and wellness arrangements, the demand for knowledgeable and certified medical tourism professionals is increasing.

The Medical Tourism Association’s Certification programs were developed with the goal of providing individuals and organizations with designations of excellence within the medical tourism field. 

Get on board today and get certified. Tokyo awaits you! 

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