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The Medical Tourism Index (MTI) is a global metric and a new type of destination-based performance measure of the attractiveness of a destination as a medical tourist destination.

Marc Fetscherin, Associate Professor at Rollins College Department of Business and Renée-Marie Stephano, President of the Medical Tourism Association, developed the Medical Tourism Index through the support of the International Healthcare Research Center

What is The Medical Tourism Index?

The MTI considers 34 criteria and groups them into three dimensions in terms of overall destination environment; medical tourism industry; and quality of facilities and services.

The MTI is a valid and reliable scale subject to multiple validations studies. It is a go-to resource that explains how to measure and manage the medical tourism destination brand positioning for each destination. Again, it is not only about having state of the art facilities or a booming economy, as many more dimensions have to be taken into account in order to lure individuals to be part of the rapidly growing medical tourism industry.

According to this report, some governments might think it is only one or two dimensions what will make its medical tourism industry succeed, without taking them all into consideration. But in the end, developing a long term medical tourism strategy requires a deeper understanding of the destination’s overall environment in terms of economic and political stability, its tourism infrastructure and medical tourism costs as well as providing quality healthcare services in state of the art facilities.

Considering that the Medical Tourism Index focuses on the pull dimensions as a way to explain how to bring medical tourism customers to a specific destination or region of the world, we are going to make a more in depth analysis, first by region and then by specific destination, on the actual situation of this $100 billion US dollar Industry for each nation that was part of the survey.

The main goal is to explain and elaborate more on the results of the Medical Tourism Index for each specific destination, in order to discover the strengths, weaknesses, and areas of opportunity that will help develop the adequate strategy that drives incremental business.

In 2014 Canada ranked #1 according to the MTI

In the end, our clients want to know how they are “perceived” in the world as a Medical Tourism destination brand, in order to develop an enhanced game plan that will help them take over a bigger share of this continuously growing industry. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to access the current MTI Index report in anticipation of the new version, in order to learn where your destination was, and where it is today.

How does it work?

The Medical Tourism Index considers three main dimensions as the drivers of medical tourism, and each of the three has a subset of factors that allows a more detailed comparison in order to measure each destination’s attractiveness and brand awareness as a medical tourism destination.

The Medical Tourism Index provides us with more in depth ranks and scores, using a total of eight sub-dimensions, which are:

Brands are not built overnight, but resources should be correctly allocated in order to guarantee better returns. That’s why it is fundamental to access the MTI report and track the changes pertaining to your destination. 

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