Healthcare in Mexico: The Ugly Truth


While some regions are creating strong models and initiatives for medical tourism, others are struggling to rise above the water. A review of Mexico’s healthcare system sheds the light on the disruption of care and high costs.According to the secretary general of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) headquartered in Paris, Angel Gurria, “the Mexican healthcare system does not deliver value for money,” since it imposes on patients to switch doctors when they switch jobs, making it disruptive and wasteful. 

Additionally, although healthcare in Mexico became more affordable to the poor, and while cases of infant mortality, heart attacks and strokes decreased in numbers, adults and children obesity has increased.

With a healthcare system that struggles to sustain its own, how will Mexico tackle the medical tourism industry and keep up with the rapid growth of competition in the region? Discussions of infrastructure improvement have been long held, but its clear trust in the quality of services and ability to deliver sits at the forefront of developmental concerns. Click here for full article. 


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