From Our Family to Yours: Happy & Safe Holidays!


The holiday season is here and all over the world people are preparing.  They prepare lists of things to do, to clean, to buy.  They prepare meals – some meals are handed down from one generation to the next, prepared carefully and with meaning.  Some meals mark the first for a newly married couple – filled with excitement and a few mistakes too.  

People prepare to see friends and family they haven’t seen for months or years or decades even.  For some it will be the first time they join together to celebrate the holidays. For others, it will be the last. 

Preparations are made over decorations and gifts are thought about, then sought after, then wrapped with beautiful ribbons and bows.  From every corner of this planet, people are preparing to join together in celebration. 


To welcome the holiday season and take a break from the day to day world of work and the day to day tasks of life.  No matter the language or how they wish one another a happy and safe holiday – the meaning is always the same.  They prepare to enjoy one another and celebrate together and join around tables – all around the world – in holiday joy.  

And that is why we have closed our offices and encouraged our entire Global Healthcare Resources team to go home – to be with their friends, families and neighbors. 

We wish you and yours the very happiest of holidays filled with good cheer and good food and will see all of you Tuesday December 27th.

Until then, be safe and healthy. Take care of your mind and body. Here are some tips to keep you healthy and happy this holiday season:

1-    Drink a lot of water

2-    Laugh a lot

3-    Stay active

4-    Enjoy your family and friends (happiness is the best wellness recipe)

5-    Be giving and kind and embrace the holiday spirit

6-    Catch up on sleep

7-    Take care of YOU

8-    Take a deep breath every hour

9-    Shy away from your electronics and enjoy the outdoors

10-  Be mindful of your power


Happy & Safe Holidays from our GHR team to yours!


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