Centers of Healthcare Excellence and Global Health Insurance – The Future of Mobility in Healthcare

One of the challenges multinational employers and insurers have experienced as they expand across borders is identifying centers of excellence and building a quality hospital network for their employees or insured.Bupa, a leading international healthcare group, serving over 14m customers in more than 190 countries, will present a solution for employers and healthcare consumers looking for access to quality healthcare. Multinational employers will be able to reduce their expenses by not only eliminating the need to develop their own medical network, but also saving from the cost of having to rent a global network.

The Medical Tourism Association has partnered with Bupa to organize the 1st Bupa Global Providers Summit (Las Vegas, Nov 2), an exclusive invitation only event integrated within the 6th World Medical Tourism Congress (Las Vegas Nov 3-6), welcoming CEOs and top executives from centers of excellence around the world to share best practices on topics of interest.

The webcast will focused on the following topics:

• Centers of excellence and global insurance policies; what is their trend in growth as well as costs?
• Difference between individuals purchasing insurance policies versus employers.
• Where are individuals traveling to?
• What are the future trends with regards to growth of these policies?


QuesadaJose Quesada

Medical Director

Bupa International Private Medical Insurance

Jonathan Edelheit, JD
CEO – Medical Tourism Association


The Medical Tourism Association is the first global membership-based nonprofit trade organization in the health and wellness travel industry. Our members are international hospitals, health systems, governments, medical tourism, facilitators, and travel and hospitality professionals. As part of our educational outreach, we are also providing a White Paper for medical tourism professionals. 

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