7 Reasons Why A Facilitator Makes Medical Travel Better


If you have spent any time researching medical tourism and planning your health and wellness trip, then you have probably stumbled upon fancy websites that claim to arrange all the details of your medical trip.

Typically, they will have a list of hospitals and doctors in several destinations along with information about the various medical procedures they promote. These companies are usually referred to as “medical tourism facilitators” or “medical tourism agency,” and they function as intermediaries or liaisons between patients and medical care providers.

Medical tourism facilitators can be found all over the Internet; however, it is advisable that patients work with companies that are certified by organizations such as the Medical Tourism Association™ or rated by the Better Business Bureau.

What Services Do Medical tourism Facilitators Provide?

The services they provide are designed to facilitate a smooth medical tourism process for both patients and medical providers and usually include:

1- Providing price quotes: Medical Tourism facilitators will listen to your needs and work with your budget to design packages that best suit your health and financial needs. 

2- Arranging the transfer of medical records: As relationships and systems are already in place, most medical tourism facilitators have the ability to quickly transfer a patient’s medical information including large image files such as CT’s and MRI’s.

3- Coordinating communication between patient and surgeon: Medical tourism facilitators (at least in theory) have already done the groundwork to make sure a patient’s chosen hospital and doctor are duly accredited and licensed. Once they go over the available healthcare providers options with you, they will arrange a video call for you to speak with your physician. Feeling comfortable with your doctor is an added value to your medical travel experience. 

4- Collecting payments: Although not all facilitators collect payments, some do.

5- Arranging travel logistics:Medical tourism facilitators can be a great help when arranging travel details ranging from booking your flights, helping with visa issues, and organizing lodging and transportation.

6- Providing a main point of contact while the patient is at the hospital: Receiving medical care can be stressful and worrisome. A facilitator can be your main point of contact while you are receiving your care abroad.

7- Following up with patients after they return home: Most facilitators strive to building strong relationships with patients they serve. You will find it heartwarming when the facilitator follows up with you after receiving your care abroad. Such level of care will provide you with trust in the agency you have chosen and enhances your medical tourism experience.

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