6 Reasons to Become A Certified Medical Tourism Professional


Whether you already are running a medical tourism facilitation business or are planning on starting one, you should get certified by the Medical Tourism AssociationIt is in everybody’s interest to provide patients with service that conforms with the industry’s high standards, already set in place by the Medical Tourism Association. A satisfied patient is free advertising. A professional facilitator definitely makes for a happier patient. 

In addition to teaching you the best practices of the industry and providing you with the support you need to succeed, here are 6 reasons for which you should consider the Certified Medical Tourism Professional program: 

1- Risk Management: the CMTP certification program teaches you how to manage the risk associated with the medical tourism facilitation business.

2- Patient Advocacy: this in-depth core training provides you with the know-hows of the industry and trains you to advocate for your clients and represent their best interests.

3- Selection of provider network: this training teaches you how to choose the best accredited healthcare providers capable of receiving and treating your international patients. 

4- Matching Patients with Providers: once you’re a CMTP, we show you how to connect each patient with the providers that match their medical needs, budget, and culture. 

5- Communication and Education: you will learn proper ways to communicate with people from different backgrounds and cultures, as well as provide you with the education you need to pass on to your clients. 

6- Post-Surgical Aftercare: although you are not expected to provide your clients with post-surgical care you should know what it entails to ensure proper delivery of care. 

Take your business to the next level. Register today and become a Certified Medical Tourism Professional CMTP.


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